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Coach Brandon Huggins is a highly respected practitioner in the field of biomechanics, movement, and training. With over a decade of experience serving athletes and teams in the local community, Coach B has established himself as a leading authority in developing athletes through his innovative approach to training.

Having served as the former head strength and conditioning coach for Loyola University Men's Lacrosse under the distinguished leadership of Coach Charlie Toomey, and presently as the strength and conditioning coach for Boys' Latin Men's Lacrosse under Coach Brian Farrell, Coach Huggins has a proven track record of improving team dynamics and culture through training. 

His mental approach to physical preparation not only helps athletes become stronger and more dynamic but also cultivates them into respected leaders both on and off the field.

In addition to his coaching and training expertise, Coach Huggins is a dedicated father of two, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of life. If you're seeking a high-level practitioner to help take your athletic performance to the next level, look no further than Coach Brandon Huggins. 

Contact us to learn more about his innovative approach to training and how he can help you or your team achieve become the ultimate competitors.

- Top Athlete - Head Trainer

- Boys' Latin Men's Lax - Head S&C Coach (2021 MIAA Champions, 2022 Top 5 National team)

- Former Loyola University Men's Lax - Head S&C Coach (2016 NCAA Final 4 & 2019 NCAA Semi-Final)

- Former Calvert Hall Men's Lacrosse - Assistant S&C Coach

- Former John's Hopkins University - Assistant S&C Coach

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